JUKKA KAMPMAN - Otentic Custom J Fretless

Jukka Kampman is the new Otentic artist from Finland playing a fretless J Custom bassguitar. Jukka is playing this bassguitar since a few weeks now and is playing it live and on recordings. Now he is ready to tell you about his last gig with the GTR band. Jukka recorded a live track with his Otentic fretless J Custom.

Here are the details and the soundsample, straight from Jukka:

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Here is a sound sample of my Otentic custom jazz bass. Recording is made 26.2.2010 in a live gig: GTR-concert in Hotel Ilves, Tampere, Finland, featuring Jartse Tuominen and Heikki Silvennoinen, two well known finnish guitarists with a three-piece band including Pekka Siistonen on keyboards, Jani Auvinen on drums and myself on bass.

The sample is a short bass solo in the ending of the tune called "The
Loner", written by Gary Moore. I am using my regular equipment, which consist of Behringer Bass V-amp Pro digital modelling preamp, Thomann TA-2400 power amp and Behringer BA-410 speaker.
Signal is connected straight from V-amps XLR-line outputs to the main mixing console as a stereo, so actually we are hearing just the bass' and the V-amp's sound, because recording was made straight from the main mixer's outputs.
Amp model used here is an Ampeg SVT type with quite heavy equalization: all treble was cut away to make a smooth, soft sound plus some boost in a midrange section and some cut in a low frequenzies. Lots of compression and delay+chorus was also used.

I am very happy with the sound of this fine instrument - I think anyone would be! Thank you so much!

Jukka Kampman, Helsinki Finland


Jukka's life and career

I was born in northern Finland, Oulu, in the year 1957. I started playing guitar with my friends in the neigborhood at the age of 8 or 9 - I dont't remember exactly. My idols were that time's British and American rock bands and artist; Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Santana, Colosseum, Procol Harum, CCR, Beatles, Jethro Tull and other great -60's bands.

After some years of practising and playing with friends in garages, I started working with local dance bands in weekends. Those bands didn't play the music that I loved, but it was well payed job, so a good opportunity to earn money to buy guitars, amps and other equipment. I was twelve(!) years old when I did my first payed gig, but it was just that one; regular work in a semi-professional band started two years later - and since then I've been a member of some regularly gigging band most of my life.
was totally self-taught player and in the age of 18 or something I felt a little bit lost with music, so I decided to start some kind of musical studie s mainly to learn theory and sight reading. Sadly, in my home town Oulu there was only a classical conservatory and I was too old to get in that school with guitar as my instrument; I had played only electric guitar by ear and improvising and they taught only classical guitar playing - with sheet music, which I couldn't read at all, of course! The solution for this tricky situation was to start playing double bass, because there were only few students with that instrument in the conservatory and they were eager to get new ones even if they couldn't play almost a note when starting the school.

I had already played bass guitar with some bands for a while and a friend of mine - a professional classical bass player - gave me two or three lessons in double bass playing. So I managed to get in the conservatory and started quite a long period of music studies: after four years spent in Oulu conservatory I moved to the southern Finland, Tampere, where I studied totally eight years and graduated as a classical bass teacher and after moving to the Finnish capital, Helsinki, still five years in Pop & Jazz conservatory. After pop-jazz-studies I worked in that same school as a double bass and electric bass teacher for over ten years until the year 2004, when I finally decided to finish that school thing - I felt that I had my share of that environment.

During my time in Oulu - my childhood's home town - I played most of the time with local dance bands. I also had some rock- and jazz-oriented groups, but they couldn't be considered as professional bands, because they usually did only few gigs - they were more like a hobby. After moving to Tampere and later to Helsinki I found many  interesting new challenges: traditional music theatre and artistic &  experimental work with dancers, big band and symphony orchestra playing, rhythm 'n' blues bands, latin music, traditional & modern jazz, studio work etc. I am happy to have a wide experience of different music styles and very grateful for all those great musicians that I have had a pleasure to work with and of whom I have learned so much.

Some of my past and present employers:
Topi Sorsakoski, Juice Leskinen, Matti Oiling - Oiling Boiling Rhythm 'n' Blues Band, Jari Sillanpää, Eino Grön, Eija Kantola, Kari Tapio, Maarit Peltoniemi, Laura Voutilainen, Julio Romero.

Here you can see Jukka testing his purple Otentic fretless bass